the master—with Bernie Grundman - Audio Download

the master—with Bernie Grundman - Audio Download

the master— with Grammy-winning Mastering Engineer Bernie Grundman - Audio Download

Full Mastering Session – High Rez Audio: Entire “as-it-happens” audio – analyze each move in your DAW – Includes entire realtime mastering session audio & before/after masters.

The great thing about the High Rez Mastering Session Audio is that we captured the audio live during the filming at Bernie Grundman Mastering – directly from Bernies’ AudioCube digital audio workstation – as he mastered the music. We then laid it out in a Pro Tools session with Markers that denote and correspond to exact “moves” that Bernie makes in the video presentation. This way you can see the variations in the waveform, watch on scope plug-ins and listen to the progression from unmastered all the way to a finished record.

About Bernie Grundman: Bernie Grundman is one of the most prominent names in Mastering worldwide. With hundreds of gold and platinum recordings, he has personally mastered some of the industry’s landmark recordings, such as: Carol King’s “tapestry”, Steely Dan’s “Aja”, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, Prince’s “Purple rain”, and Dr. Dre’s “the Chronic”.

This Product allow you to:
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Optionally follow along with the video - using these "companion audio files" to fully understand each move Bernie makes.

the master—with Bernie Grundman - Audio Download
  • the master—with Mastering Engineer Bernie Grundman - Trailer

    the master – Bernie Grundman: is an audio mastering program. We provide you with an intimate look at Grammy-winning Mastering Engineer Bernie Grundman, his workflow and mastering philosophies.

    the master – Bernie Grundman includes:

    Full Mastering Session with Mastering Engineer Bernie Grundman


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